Funzie Girt: Schottische Mauer ohne Sinn und Ursprung

  • Die Mauer ist n cooles Trivia; sie teilt die schottische Shetland-Insel Fetlar in zwei saubere Hälften und niemand weiß, wann sie erbaut wurde, von wem und wieso.
    Funzie Girt is an ancient dividing wall that was erected from north to south across the island of Fetlar in Shetland, Scotland. Some sources describe it as having been built in the Neolithic, but the date of construction is not certainly known. The line of the wall, which ran for over 4 kilometres, once divided the island in two almost equal sections. Also known as the Finnigirt Dyke, it has vanished in places at the southern end, although the ruins are clearly visible along much of the uninhabited north of the island, where it is a conspicuous feature of the landscape. The dyke's original purpose is not known, nor is its relationship to other archaeological sites of a similar age nearby. There are various folk tales about its construction, and it is the subject of various pieces of Shetland folk music.

    Wer da wohl ausgesperrt/geteilt werden sollte? Für ne Mauer, die evtl. aus der Steinzeit kommt, ist sie überdies ungewöhnlich gut konstruiert und erhalten.

    I think we have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness to make sure it continues into the future.
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