Pyramide in Bosnien

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    Pyramide der Sonne (bestätigt)
    Pyramide des Mondes (bischen kleiner Berg, noch nicht ganz Bestätigt) aber Bald.

    Die Ausgrabungen sind wegen Winter gestoppt, fangen wieder im April wieder an.


  • SO! Meine lieben Damen und Herren!!

    Jetzt gehts ab!


    1) Die Pyramiden existieren! Der Grund weswegen bisher so wenig darüber bekannt ist: Die Entdeckung wurde erst Ende letzten Jahres gemacht!

    2) Ich werde an der Ausgrabung teilnehmen! Wie das? Ganz einfach! Es handelt sich hier um ein öffentliches Projekt bei dem jeder mitmachen kann. Ich möchte das jeder hier das auch weiss!

    3) Ich würde mich freuen wenn einige der hier im forum lesenden sich vielleicht dafür interessieren und da mitmachen wollen. Eine gemeinsame Fahrt da runter + Übernachtung etc lässt sich problemlos arrangieren.

    Wer möchte dem schicke ich gerne den bisherigen Schriftverkehr den ich mit Mr. Osmanagic (der leitende Archäologe) hatte. Es sind auch bisherige Ergebnisse der Untersuchungen dabei.

    In meinen Augen ist dies die bedeutenste archäologische Entdeckung in Europa. Jeder sollte sich der wichtigkeit bewusst sein und vor allem das es wahrscheinlich nie wieder eine derartige Chance gibt bei einem solchen Projekt mitzuwirken!!!

    Man stelle sich vor: 90 M hohe Stufenpyramide in Europa! Gänge die darauf warten gefunden zu werden, Wandmalereien etc. Also ich pers. kann mich kaum noch zurückhalten!

    Ich würde mich wie gesagt sehr freuen wenn sich einige der Leser hier dazu begeistern könnten. Bisher habe ich noch keinen Urlaub für de zeit gelegt. Dies erleichtert natürlich eine evtl absprache mit anderen Lesern hier.

    Schreibt mich im Interessensfall an und wir werden schon alles abstimmen.

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  • Hi Schnoeddel,

    kannst du uns vielleicht noch was schreiben was Mr. Osmanagic so von der Pyramide hält (wer hat sie erbau, oder wie alt, etc...)

    Wäre wirklich toll. Ich finde es auch super, dass du Leute für die erforschung gewinnen möchtest. Leider bin ich durch viel Arbeit, lernen und Stress gefesselt. Wünsche dir, dass du noch paar Leute für die Sache gewinnst.

  • ROGER!!

    Hier gibts! Leider müsst ihr Englisch können. Bilder etc kann ich leider nicht einfügen glaub ich. Davon hab ich aber auch noch welche (Sattelitenaufnahmen etc)

    Sam (Semir) Osmanagich
    Houston, USA
    January 5, 2006.

    Answers to Filip Coppens’ questions:

    1. Bosnian-American and pyramids…?

    I’ve lived in Houston for the last 15 years. At the same time, this is a period of my extensive research of the ancient civilizations and travel all over the world. My books were published in USA (such as “The World of the Maya” after I visited more than fifty of Mayan ruins), Croatia, Estonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina (books about Peruvian, Atlantic, Pacific and other lost civilizations). After my recent book promotion in Sarajevo (April 2005), I visited small town of Visoko 20 miles north from the Bosnian capital. While I was on the top of the “Visocica” hill, I could notice that the shape of the hill is a symmetrical geometric form, aligned in NSWE directions and with flat top. Across the valley, there was another hill called “Pljesevica” with obvious triangular sides. Even though the hills were covered with forest, I immediately ‘recognized’ the pyramids. Namely, I’ve seen hundreds of them, covered or uncovered in Peru. Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador…

    2. Research this summer and fall…?

    Three months after my initial visit, I gathered all necessary permits and started with geological survey in order to confirm my hypothesis. First survey was performed in August of 2005 and geological features of the soil had shown a number of anomalies. I had a solid proofs that the hill was not a natural formation. It justified more investments on my end. In October same year, I went back and did more geological and archeological research (number of the “Probing wells”) with fascinating results:

    - The walls of the Pyramid of the Sun (“Visocica” hill) are built from the “Breccia’s” stone blocks. When the blocks were cleaned by a broad knife and small broom it was found that they were ordered like bricks in a brick wall – the upper block was moved inwards in relation to the lower one. The blocks were manually processed and surface was flat and smooth.
    - Pyramid of the Sun is, in fact, stone step pyramid. The probing wells have proved that flat plateau, approximately 2,5 meters wide is followed by 30 meters steep area, then another plateau, then another steep area with the same angle, and this pattern is repeated to the top of the pyramid.
    - The entrance causeway is paved with manufactured sandstone blocks. They are 10 cm thick, cut by human hand, polished and then transported to this area. The length of the paved causeway is 420 meters.

    3. A village on the top of the pyramid…?

    It’s very well known fact that once existed medieval Bosnian Town on the top of the hill between XII-XIV century. Also, artifacts were found that show traces of the small Roman and Illyrian observation posts (2000 and 2500 years old, respectively). It’s classical example that the later cultures built their villages on the top of the monumental structures covered with soil not knowing how magnificent work was laying under their feet. The same example is in Cholula, Mexico, where Hernan Cortes built huge church on the top of the hill. Three hundred years later it turned out that the church was built on the top of the largest pyramid in Mexico.

    These information can help us to think about the date when the Bosnian pyramid was built; obviously it’s more than 3000 years old. The results of the new scientific discipline, anthropological genetics, have shown that Bosnia has been populated, continuously, for 27.000 years. So, the pyramids must have been built in between these two dates.

    4. Other remarkable features in the vicinity…?

    My colleague, dr. Amer Smailbegovic (Reno, Nevada) has applied remote sensing techniques in anomaly detection for the Pyramid complex in Visoko valley. Results are really amazing. The primary “anomalies”, Bosnian pyramid of the Sun and Moon (Visocica and Pljesevica hills) exhibited flat, triangular sides with clear geometric brake-lines between the flat sides. The observed phenomena are not to be confused with triangular facets normally occurring in a tectonic setting, for those occurrences only exhibit single-side triangulation and are uneven in appearance, whereas the observed anomalies exhibit two or more, even triangular sides. The results of thermal inertia suggest that the pyramids are composed of less consolidated material and tend to cool faster than the surrounding mounds (presumed denser). This finding is congruent with what would be expected from an artificial structure – lesser density materials, porosity, internal cavities all contribute to increased loss. Beside these two artificial structures, several other mounds exist in the same valley, and they tend to have very geometric (triangular) sides and clear, linear breaks. They are mutually equidistant and aligned in NSWE direction. Three structures are of approximately same height, but differ in overall size. Another words, we can freely talk about Bosnian valley of the pyramids.

    5. Underground tunnels…?

    We have discovered the net of the underground tunnels under the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun. Tunnels are man-made and there are the number of the “intersections” along the way. Most of them are covered with dirt and rocks, but we are to clean them this spring (2006.) Existence of the underground tunnels show another similarity with Egyptian and Mexican (Teotihuacan) complex.

    6. Plans…?

    So far, the Bosnian pyramids were one-man project. Considering the importance of the discovery – the most important archeological monument in Europe – I have established a Foundation called “Archeological park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun”. Foundation was sanctioned by Bosnian Justice Department and already has a number of Bosnian archeologists, geologists, geophysicists, historians and other experts. We’re in the process of forming International Advisory Board and applying for the grants and sponsorships. It’s very interesting that this is for the first time, in a long period, that Bosnian politicians united on all political levels giving support for this Project. They recognized the value of the fact that Bosnia was, at one time, place where European civilization started.

    On April 14, 2006. we’re going to continue our excavation, restoration and long term protection of the site. Hundreds of experts and students, cleaning crews and enthusiasts, will come to the middle of mountainous Bosnia to take part in the biggest archeological event in the world. We plan to work until the first snow comes at the end of October.

  • ok... habs gelesen.

    Aber wenn man doch schon solche Sandsteinblöcke ausgebuddelt hat, warum gibt es dann noch keine fotos davon? Muß ich jetzt bis zum Frühjahr warten, wenn die angeblichen ausgrabungen beginne?

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    Aber wenn man doch schon solche Sandsteinblöcke ausgebuddelt hat, warum gibt es dann noch keine fotos davon?

    Wie auch aus dem Bericht hervor gegangen ist, der diesem link zu entnehmen ist, das man schon sporadische Ausgrabungen gemacht hat

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    Zawass hat seine Finger im Spiel??? Wo hast Du das gelesen?

    @ schnoeddel

    Ich denke es würden viele gern mitgehen (mich eingeschlossen). Aber mit Familie, Beruf, anderen Verpflichtungen ist es halt sehr schwierig... Gibt es auch die Möglichkeit für einen kürzeren Zeitraum mitzugehen? Ich denke das wäre für viele interessant zu wissen.

    @ all

    Das ist ein hochinteressantes Thema. Ich hoffe, daß dies "endlich" mal eine richtige und öffentliche Ausgrabung wird und bleibt. Das würde mit Sicherheit einige interessante Dinge ins rechte Licht stellen. Dann müßte wahrscheinlich nicht nur die Geschichte in Bosnien neu geschrieben werden :D

    Die größte Illusion ist der Glaube, die Menschheit wäre Einschränkungen unterworfen.

    Robert Allan Monroe